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Question: Bar stools?
where can i find 4 bar stools? . I have a four foot bar and every where i looked has a table included.

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Question: How do you recover seats of wicker bar stools with permanently attached cushions ?
These are wicker bar stools made for outdoor use. The chair cushions are made of weather resistent fabric and the cushions are permanently attached to the bottom of the chair.
I would like to recover this outdoor fabric with indoor fabric to match my kitchen decor. I need ideas on how this can be done without ability of removing the cushions.

Answer: since the cushions are permanant and cannot be removed, the only thing that I can think of is to make slipcovers that can be removed and washed for them or to cover them and staple the new material over the old.

Personally I would do the slipcovers so that I could pull them off to wash easier.

measure your material so that you have an extra two inches around the edge and sew in elastic so that they will gather over the old cushions…

or…wrap them and turn the stool upside down and use a staple gun to attach the new covering to the bottom.

Question: How much for really nice wicker bar stools ?
I have three really nice high back white wicker bar stools I would like to sell on Ebay. I have know idea how much there worth. I tried looking for similar items on ebay and nothing compairs. I did a search and I still didn’t find anything.

Answer: Can you remember how much you paid for them?
If so, figure out what about 75% of that price would be.
If they’re a bit old (70s or so), then you might want to do about 65%.
Next, take off about 10 dollars or so, because this makes them seem cheaper when you can actually tack the price back up in shipping!!!

If you can’t remember what you paid for them, try looking at sites other than eBay to get an estimate.

Question: Where can I find some really cool retro bar stools?
Im looking for a pair of bar stools for my kitchen eating area. I want the look of 1940’s/1950’s look. The kind you find in those 50’s diners!

Answer: This place has all the retro furniture and bar stools that you can think of!

Question: Where to find round, art deco bar stools for the kitchen?
I live in Maryland and am interested in buying some art deco bar stools for the kitchen.

round, black top
steel legs.

What stores in Maryland would carry this? If there are no stores available will consider buying it online.

Answer: I don’t know about Maryland, but here’s a great site for art deco bar stools. Just click the link below and see if they have something you like.

Question: Where can I find stylish comfortable bar stools?
I am looking for some plush oversized bar stools that are stylish and extremely comfortable. I have looked online and NOTHING seems to catch my eye.

Answer:……..when World Market went out of business I think they sold to I worked there-I loooove some of their bar stools. They had what you are describing.

Question: I am getting a new house and am getting a breakfast bar fitted and have been looking at bar stools but they?
cost a lot. oes anyone know of anywhere online to get cheaper but nice bar stools??? Thanks.

Answer: Is your breakfast bar going to be counter height? If it is, then you will want to get counter height chairs/stools.
Here are some to look through..hope you find what you want.

Question: Where can I find the bar stools that are at American Eagle stores?
I’ve checked ( that’s where one of the sales guys told me to check) but there is no such site. I love those bar stools!

Answer: ok…. now this is going to require alot of work. Get together with a group of friends… let’s say about 5 of them. Go in to the store and have 3 of them start a fight at the back of the store… while that is going on, you and your other 2 friends grab the stools and make a run for the van that you have waiting out front with the get-away driver… there you go, you will have your stools!! 😀 No.. don’t do that, you go to jail. Try to contact the corporate office of AE and ask who their supplier is… or ask if they would be willing to order a few extra for you! Good luck!

This home bar bup table set would make a great addition to any home bar.

The Pool Shark Pub Table Set with Two Swivel Stools uplifts any entertainment setting! Select from Bar or Counter height, then choose any one of our attractive metal frame finishes. The table includes a 28 inch wide clear glass top.

# Dimensions:28 in. Round Top
# Counter Set: 26 in. Seat Height & 36 in. Table Height
# Bar Set: 30 in. Seat Height & 40 in. Table Height

Price $653.40

Click here to purchase this pub table set with two swivel bar stools.

I was surfing the internet today looking for some classic looking bar stools and came upon this great site that only sells these great looking 50’s diner bar stools ( They also have the tables.

This would make a great addition to anyone looking for that really classic James Dean era look!