March 2009

Question: Are there any good places to find used pool tables?
I am looking to buy a used pool table for our den now that the last kid has gone to college.

What is the best place to find used pool tables online?

Answer: I just bought a 4×9 slate brunswick pool table for $100. YES, thats right, $100. There is nothing wrong with it at all!
Go on
I think that’s how you spell it. WOW, AWESOME deals. I’m sure ebay would be the same, but at least with kijiji, you dont need to put money over the find people in your area and deal directly with them.
Real easy.

Question: Can anyone recommend a supplier of good pool tables in the UK?
I want to buy one for home use.

Also any tips or advice about buying a pool table for the home would be very welcome.

Answer: There are loads of good places but try this one of course john lewis etc do them as well. There are also some bargain ones on ebay i noticed.

Question: What kind of tests can be carried out on snooker and pool tables to simulate life testing and reliability?
I am looking for a way to test all types of games tables such as pool and snooker tables to ensure that they are fit for purpose and to simulate life testing and reliability. A part of thsee series of tests could be based upon the EN71 safety of toys regulations but i am looking for specific help as to determine what kind of tests we should use to ensure that no product will fail when it reaches market.

Answer: In order to formulate a good reliability test, you need to know what failure modes you want to create. Do you know the failure modes of a snooker or pool table?

Also, you must realize that reliability is the probability of completing a mission under certain conditions (this is the short definition). In other words, what kind of probability of failure do you want and in what time frame?

I would venture to guess that the probability of NO FAILURES is zero.

Question: How do bar pool tables differentiate between numbered balls and the cue ball when you scratch?
When playing pool at a bar where you pay quarters for each game when you scratch the cue ball is always returned but the numbered balls are put in the case. what is the difference between the balls so the table knowns which to place where?

Answer: Coin-op pool tables are designed one of two ways with regard to the cue ball being returned to you: Either the cue ball is slightly larger than the other balls (which allows it to travel down a different chute), or the cue ball has a magnet embedded in it (which trips a sensor to move a gate directing the cue ball down a different chute). It’s much more common to find a coin-op table featuring an oversized cue ball than one with the “magnetic” cue ball.

Question: Why is the cloth on pool tables different colours?
Snooker is green but pool tables seem to have ,red,blue or green

Answer: Probably an american idea just to be different as green was the original colour

Question: What is the difference in dynamo, and valley bar pool tables?
valley tables seem to always sell for much more than dynamo tables. thanks

i watch alot of tables on ebay, and at the arcade auction every 3 months for the heck of it. and it always seems valley’s go for alot more. i’ve refelted each, and never thought about it, but never noticed any difference? just a thought i had 4 awhile, and didn’t know why. thanks 4 the answers.

Answer: I’m not sure of the exact differences, but since they’re essentially made by the same company, it’s just one of those upper end versus lower end kind of things. It’s probably in the quality of construction and durability, much like that previous question about Aramith balls.

Question: How do valley 8 foot pool tables compare to other pool tables?
Im thinking of buying a 8 foot valley table it has a solid slate top how does it stack up against Brunswick or Olhausen?

Answer: there OK if properly maintained there not that bad.As for the guy who said never invest in a 4×8 table because there not regulation, this guy is obviously clueless, any table that has a 2/1 size ratio is considered “regulation” most 9′ tables are actually 50″ x 100″ most 8′ tables are actually ether 46″x92 or 44″x88″ and 7′ tables are 40″x80″ the 7′ tables may vary slightly by manufacturer. all of these sizes are considered “regulation” due to the fact that the length is always twice the width.

Question: Can pool tables break into sections?
I’ve been told that professional style pool tables ( such as slate top ) can actually be dismantled into sections for easier transport… is this true?

If so, is it only high quality tables that can? Or do most pool tables??

Answer: Most slate for pool tables come in three pieces, sometimes four. Some smaller tables or high end larger tables will come with one piece slates. The rest of the table can easily be dismantled and reassembled.

Question: Bar stools?
where can i find 4 bar stools? . I have a four foot bar and every where i looked has a table included.

Home Furniture
Bar Stools – BarStools

Question: How do you recover seats of wicker bar stools with permanently attached cushions ?
These are wicker bar stools made for outdoor use. The chair cushions are made of weather resistent fabric and the cushions are permanently attached to the bottom of the chair.
I would like to recover this outdoor fabric with indoor fabric to match my kitchen decor. I need ideas on how this can be done without ability of removing the cushions.

Answer: since the cushions are permanant and cannot be removed, the only thing that I can think of is to make slipcovers that can be removed and washed for them or to cover them and staple the new material over the old.

Personally I would do the slipcovers so that I could pull them off to wash easier.

measure your material so that you have an extra two inches around the edge and sew in elastic so that they will gather over the old cushions…

or…wrap them and turn the stool upside down and use a staple gun to attach the new covering to the bottom.

Question: How much for really nice wicker bar stools ?
I have three really nice high back white wicker bar stools I would like to sell on Ebay. I have know idea how much there worth. I tried looking for similar items on ebay and nothing compairs. I did a search and I still didn’t find anything.

Answer: Can you remember how much you paid for them?
If so, figure out what about 75% of that price would be.
If they’re a bit old (70s or so), then you might want to do about 65%.
Next, take off about 10 dollars or so, because this makes them seem cheaper when you can actually tack the price back up in shipping!!!

If you can’t remember what you paid for them, try looking at sites other than eBay to get an estimate.

Question: Where can I find some really cool retro bar stools?
Im looking for a pair of bar stools for my kitchen eating area. I want the look of 1940’s/1950’s look. The kind you find in those 50’s diners!

Answer: This place has all the retro furniture and bar stools that you can think of!

Question: Where to find round, art deco bar stools for the kitchen?
I live in Maryland and am interested in buying some art deco bar stools for the kitchen.

round, black top
steel legs.

What stores in Maryland would carry this? If there are no stores available will consider buying it online.

Answer: I don’t know about Maryland, but here’s a great site for art deco bar stools. Just click the link below and see if they have something you like.

Question: Where can I find stylish comfortable bar stools?
I am looking for some plush oversized bar stools that are stylish and extremely comfortable. I have looked online and NOTHING seems to catch my eye.

Answer:……..when World Market went out of business I think they sold to I worked there-I loooove some of their bar stools. They had what you are describing.

Question: I am getting a new house and am getting a breakfast bar fitted and have been looking at bar stools but they?
cost a lot. oes anyone know of anywhere online to get cheaper but nice bar stools??? Thanks.

Answer: Is your breakfast bar going to be counter height? If it is, then you will want to get counter height chairs/stools.
Here are some to look through..hope you find what you want.

Question: Where can I find the bar stools that are at American Eagle stores?
I’ve checked ( that’s where one of the sales guys told me to check) but there is no such site. I love those bar stools!

Answer: ok…. now this is going to require alot of work. Get together with a group of friends… let’s say about 5 of them. Go in to the store and have 3 of them start a fight at the back of the store… while that is going on, you and your other 2 friends grab the stools and make a run for the van that you have waiting out front with the get-away driver… there you go, you will have your stools!! 😀 No.. don’t do that, you go to jail. Try to contact the corporate office of AE and ask who their supplier is… or ask if they would be willing to order a few extra for you! Good luck!

Question: Dart boards.?
Does any one know if there is a steel tip dart board that keeps score like a soft tip and if so were can i find one

Answer: I know they exist (I’ve played on one before) but they are VERY expensive. You may want to check They have links to a multitude of dart suppliers. As an alternative, you may want to look for a score pad for your steel tip board. The one I have is shaped like a dart board, and you simply touch the segments that you hit. These are much less expensive than the ones that automatically keep score for you (mine was about $25-30).

Question: How far away is the line in dart boards?
How far away are you supposed to stand from a dart board while playing darts? What is the official length?

Answer: 7’9-1/4″ (2.37m)

Question: What is the best electronic dart board to buy?
I’m about to finish my basement and want to have an electronic dart board on the wall. I play darts at my neighbor’s house a few times per month and enjoy it quite a bit. I would like to have the ability to have at least 6 players and different games (and score keeping of course). I don’t necessarily need a “talking” dart board, but I would like a high quality machine.

Answer: I have a HALEX. got it as a gift & have had it for almost 10 years. Use it to play cricket. Works well & easy to keep scores. The darts are what makes a difference when you play.

Question: What are the probilities in a dart board game?
I have a big project in Math so I need the probilities in a dartboard. I have to create a game making up a dart board game using five geometric shapes and use probilities of hitting the certain shape as the scoring system. I really need your help.

Answer: The way I understand your question, the probability of an actual dartboard is irrelevant to what you are trying to accomplish.

That said, if it is in fact relevant, your question isn’t specific enough. Are you asking the probability of hitting a certain raw value or are you giving consideration for doubles and triples. And if you are giving this consideration, is the probability in question based on a ratio of areas or a ratio of values?

In short, you either need to give more info to get a useful answer or you don’t need this answer at all.

Question: So what can i put around a home dart board to prevent little holes in the walls? anyone have ideas?
besides sheetrock, because that takes more holes to put in, carpet only works for the floor, carpet does not work for the wall because at that speed the dart would go right through it … what do you put around your home dart board to prevent holes in the walls? and how do you mount it?

Answer: Why don’t you get a roll of cork board to put up behind and/or around it?

Question: How far should do professional dart players stand from the board?
In these professional dart tournaments, how far do the players have to stand from the dart board?

Answer: 7 feet 9 1/4 inches. The Center of the Bullseye is 5 ft 8 in from the floor. Have fun!!

Question: Where can i buy a dart board in Scarborough?
so im looking for a dart board (an affordable one!) cuz i just got my own room..
im looking for the real one not the magnetic one..
do you need a certain age to buy it? cuz im 16
and do you think $20-45 is enough to buy one?

Answer: There is a game store near the Famous Players in Scarborough Town Centre called Mind Games. It’s about 2 or 3 stores down from the movie theatre. They have a large variety of toys and games there and I think in the below photo, I see a dartboard in the display window. Check it out and see, they might have a Dartboard. Also, right across from Mind Games is another toy store called Toys, Toys, Toys. It’s a little bigger than Mind Games, check that one out too.

Question: What is the best dart board brand?
If you were a guy who loved the dallas cowboys would you want a dallas dart board or an original one?

Answer: Riley are the best

and id go for an Original…

Click here to learn more on dart board regulations