Question: Dart boards.?
Does any one know if there is a steel tip dart board that keeps score like a soft tip and if so were can i find one

Answer: I know they exist (I’ve played on one before) but they are VERY expensive. You may want to check They have links to a multitude of dart suppliers. As an alternative, you may want to look for a score pad for your steel tip board. The one I have is shaped like a dart board, and you simply touch the segments that you hit. These are much less expensive than the ones that automatically keep score for you (mine was about $25-30).

Question: How far away is the line in dart boards?
How far away are you supposed to stand from a dart board while playing darts? What is the official length?

Answer: 7’9-1/4″ (2.37m)

Question: What is the best electronic dart board to buy?
I’m about to finish my basement and want to have an electronic dart board on the wall. I play darts at my neighbor’s house a few times per month and enjoy it quite a bit. I would like to have the ability to have at least 6 players and different games (and score keeping of course). I don’t necessarily need a “talking” dart board, but I would like a high quality machine.

Answer: I have a HALEX. got it as a gift & have had it for almost 10 years. Use it to play cricket. Works well & easy to keep scores. The darts are what makes a difference when you play.

Question: What are the probilities in a dart board game?
I have a big project in Math so I need the probilities in a dartboard. I have to create a game making up a dart board game using five geometric shapes and use probilities of hitting the certain shape as the scoring system. I really need your help.

Answer: The way I understand your question, the probability of an actual dartboard is irrelevant to what you are trying to accomplish.

That said, if it is in fact relevant, your question isn’t specific enough. Are you asking the probability of hitting a certain raw value or are you giving consideration for doubles and triples. And if you are giving this consideration, is the probability in question based on a ratio of areas or a ratio of values?

In short, you either need to give more info to get a useful answer or you don’t need this answer at all.

Question: So what can i put around a home dart board to prevent little holes in the walls? anyone have ideas?
besides sheetrock, because that takes more holes to put in, carpet only works for the floor, carpet does not work for the wall because at that speed the dart would go right through it … what do you put around your home dart board to prevent holes in the walls? and how do you mount it?

Answer: Why don’t you get a roll of cork board to put up behind and/or around it?

Question: How far should do professional dart players stand from the board?
In these professional dart tournaments, how far do the players have to stand from the dart board?

Answer: 7 feet 9 1/4 inches. The Center of the Bullseye is 5 ft 8 in from the floor. Have fun!!

Question: Where can i buy a dart board in Scarborough?
so im looking for a dart board (an affordable one!) cuz i just got my own room..
im looking for the real one not the magnetic one..
do you need a certain age to buy it? cuz im 16
and do you think $20-45 is enough to buy one?

Answer: There is a game store near the Famous Players in Scarborough Town Centre called Mind Games. It’s about 2 or 3 stores down from the movie theatre. They have a large variety of toys and games there and I think in the below photo, I see a dartboard in the display window. Check it out and see, they might have a Dartboard. Also, right across from Mind Games is another toy store called Toys, Toys, Toys. It’s a little bigger than Mind Games, check that one out too.

Question: What is the best dart board brand?
If you were a guy who loved the dallas cowboys would you want a dallas dart board or an original one?

Answer: Riley are the best

and id go for an Original…

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