Cocktail shakers are one necessity that you’ll want to have in your bar so that you can make a variety of drinks. For many people, when they think of a cocktail shaker, they think of James Bond blending a martini. The cocktail shaker was invented in 1872 and since then has made the blending of chilled drinks easy and stylish. Although some bartenders will simply mix their drinks in a glass pitcher most will use cocktail shakers to get the right blend.

The purpose of a cocktail shaker is to mix the drink with ice before pouring it into the glass. When the drink is mixed in the shaker it becomes properly blended and at the same time it becomes perfectly chilled for your guests to enjoy. The shaker eliminates the need to mix the drink in small glasses which can create a mess and result in a drink that isn’t mixed correctly.

There are three different types of cocktail shakers that you can choose from: (1) a Boston shaker, (2) a cobbler shaker, or a (3) cocktail shaker. Each of these shakers has their own purpose and a well equipped bar will have all three so that you can mix any drink that your guests request. Make sure that you have the ideal martini and cocktail glasses to go along with each particular drink that you’re serving.

The Boston cocktail shaker consists of a mixing tumbler and a tumbler for holding the mixed drink. The drink ingredients and ice are mixed together and then poured into a glass without being strained. The cobbler cocktail shaker consists of three pieces: the mixing tumbler, a holding tumbler, and a strainer for straining the drink. The cocktail shaker is the simplest of the three since all it consists of is a pitcher and a stirring stick.

You’ll be able to find cocktail shakers in most house wares and kitchen stores around the country as well as in stores that carry supplies for your bar.