If you own or operate a restaurant, pub, or nightclub there will come a time when you need to purchase commercial bar furniture. Commercial bar furniture is much different from bar furniture for the home since it needs to be sturdy, durable, and able to last under the use of many customers.

You can buy commercial bar furniture either retail or wholesale from a restaurant supplier, home furnishing, or home décor store. The types of bars that you can choose from are endless: (1) booths with benches, (2) bistro tables, (3) small pub tables, (4) chair, and (5) stools. Your choice will depend on how many people you want to sit in a bar-like setting and how much room you have for the bar area.

You’ll also want to choose your bar furniture based on the style and décor of your establishment. If you have a modern setting you’ll want to choose bar furniture manufactured from materials such as chrome, metal, or dark wood. If you have a patio setting you might benefit from wicker or rattan bar furniture that is simple and light enough to move outside during the warmer months of the year.

Wood is a good choice for bar furniture since it adds a warm and welcoming feel to your restaurant or pub. Dark woods are ideal for rooms where you are trying to create a cozy atmosphere while lighter woods, such as pine, work well in light and airy rooms. Wood lasts a long time and remains new looking even under the hardest of wear.

The number of seating arrangements that you buy will vary on your space and price. Keep in mind, however, that the most retailers and wholesalers will give you a discounted price when you buy more. You may want to purchase more chairs and tables than you need so that you have a few extra on hand when damage occurs to the ones you are currently using.