There are several different variations of darts and how the game is played. One of the more classic ways to play the game is called “01”. This means that you play the game starting from a certain number of points, so long as each of these points ends in “01”. One of the more popular tournament games of darts is called “501” which means that the starting points begin at 501 points. There are several variations on the “01” game which start at different points, such as 301, 601, 801, and 1001. Keep in mind that the higher point games are most often played by teams.

The main goal of a game of darts is a simple one: take the beginning score and work at reducing this score towards “0”. The first player, or team, to get their score to zero wins the game.

Each player will take a turn at throwing their three darts. All the points that they score are then subtracted from their own current score. The darts are taken off the dart board by the player and the next player takes a turn. If a player misses the dart board during a throw, or it bounces off and doesn’t pierce the board, the dart is forfeited.

When each player’s score has been reduced, and the “0” is in sight, the game becomes a bit tricky. This is because to win the game, “0” needs to be reached exactly and the dart that reaches zero needs to be a double. A double is designated as the dart board numbers which are found in outer scoring numbers on the dart board as well as the bull’s eye in the center of the board.

A good example of how the game is won: If a player has 2 points left they need to score a double one to take the final score down to zero. The final zero of the game often takes a bit of time to reach, which is what makes the game of darts so challenging!