Do you have a family room or a recreation room and feel that you want to spend more time there with family and friends? A dart board is one addition to your family room that will ensure that you spend more time there while having fun playing a game of darts. Dart boards have been around for many years in both homes and pubs and continue to be a great source of entertainment whether you’re playing for fun or professionally.

There are many different types of dart boards that you can choose from ranging from the very inexpensive to high end dart boards that are used by professional players. Most dart boards are made of natural rope fiber, also known as sisal. The rope fibers are tightly compressed together using pressure machines and then they are banded with a sealed band of steel. The steel banded board is then bonded to the front of backboard that has been treated and is non-warping so that it can withstand all conditions.

Once the basis of the dart board has been created the surface is finely sanded, and the dart board colors and images are screen printed on the top. The last thing to be done is the stapling on of wires to divide the areas of the dart board.

You can buy dart boards at most department stores, hobby stores, and toy stores around the world. Many of the dart boards that you can buy have been manufactured in England, which is the country where the game of darts originated, and imported to all areas around the globe. New Zealand also manufactures a popular dart board that is known as “Puma”.

Once you have a dart board in your home it will take you no time to learn the game. You can insist on playing a regulation game or you can play a friendly game to see who can hit the highest score. The game of darts is played in many pubs and homes everywhere since it is both relaxing and challenging at the same time.