If you’re serving drinks of any kind you’ll want to have drink coasters on hand to keep the bar and tables clean. Cold drinks will accumulate moisture on the outside of the glass which will drip down around the base of the glass. Coasters are the perfect way to capture this moisture so the glass doesn’t slide around on the table.

Drink coasters are also a nice way to serve your drinks since it looks professional and neat. Most bars and restaurants will serve their drinks with a coaster underneath the glass and many times the coaster will feature the logo of the establishment or a logo of a popular local alcoholic beverage. This is a great way to advertise other drinks that a bar is serving.

Most drink coasters are a standard size of about four inches and can be purchased in sets of four or more for the home bar or in bulk quantities if you own a bar or drinking lounge. Some drink coasters will have a cork backing to make them even more durable while others will be printed on both sides so that they can be used from top to bottom. The choice is yours when it comes to printing whatever catches your eye.

You’ll be able to find drink coasters made from a variety of materials such as plastic, tile, ceramic, stone, or durable paper materials. When you travel you can find coasters that feature the location of your trip such as coasters from Las Vegas, Disneyland, or Florida.

You’ll be able to find drink coasters at any store that sells kitchen items as well as stores that sell equipment and supplies for the bar. The Internet is another source for the consumer since there are numerous online stores that sell unique and interesting coasters. If you’re buying a bulk quantity of drink coasters make sure that you find out if there is a discount price when you buy more.