A kegerator is a keg that is filled with beer, wine, or another beverage, that stored inside your refrigerator so that the keg is kept cool and chilled. There will be holes in the kegerator that allow you to use the keg without having to open the door fully. This means that you and your guests can fill your glass by opening the tap.

Kegerators don’t have to be limited to just beer. You can use it to cool beer, wine, other liquors, and soda pop. The kegerator works by using a hand pump and a CO2 air tank to maintain the pressure in the unit.

A kegerator is ideal to use during the hot summer months when you entertain guests on your patio or around the pool. Everything that runs through the kegerator will come out nice and cold in just a matter of a few minutes. This means that when you and your guests are craving that cold drink you won’t have to wait long to indulge!

Many beverages, such as beer, taste best when cooled to a perfect temperature. The kegerator lets you entertain and serve cold drinks without having to stock your fridge and keep running back and forth. More and more people are choosing a kegerator to keep their bar items chilled for guests while they are entertaining.

You can buy a kegerator at most wine and bar stores either locally where you live or through the internet from one of the many online merchants. The kegerator comes in a variety of sizes depending on how much room you have and the amount of liquid that you want to chill. You might want to think about buying more than one so that you can keep separate beverages on hand that are perfectly chilled. You can find kegerators that cost as little as $100 or as much as $200.