Pool table felt is one item that you’ll want to keep on hand if you have a pool table. You can purchase pool table felt kits to help you repair the top of your pool table if it becomes damaged from the cue as you take shots. If you have a pool table you’ll want to take great care not to damage it, but since accidents and wear and tear happen, extra table felt if ideal to have on hand.

Your pool table is one investment that you’ll want to take good care of, especially if you paid big dollars for a top of the line pool table. If you don’t already have one, a pool table cover is a must. A cover should be placed over the playing area of the pool table to keep it safe from damage when you’re not using it. Damage to the felt can occur from dust, children, pets, and other mishaps.

When you’re using your pool table make sure that the lighting over the table is ideal. Pool lighting can lead to shots that are low and scrape the table, damaging the felt. Over head hanging lighting may seem like too much to buy but is a necessity when it comes to playing a good game of pool.

You can buy pool table felt at most billiard stores around the world as well as on the internet. Kits are easy to use when you have to repair a small area of the felt. If the damage to the playing area is too much for a kit to repair you may have to consider having the felt replaced completely by a professional pool table restoration company. Take care of your pool table and keep it in good condition by taking care of the felt that covers the playing area.