Pool table lights are one accessory that you’ll need if you have a pool table. You’ll want the pool table to be well lit so that you can play the game without being hampered by poor lighting. Most avid pool players will spend a great deal of money finding just the right pool table lights for their playing area.

There are many different types of pool table lights that you can choose from. If you have a tight budget there are some good economical lights that will fit your needs. You’ll want to make sure that you hang the lights at the right distance from the pool table. Lights that have been installed too low can hamper players as they play the game.

If you have a more flexible budget you can buy some nice designer table lights that create a cozy and professional atmosphere for your game. Green acrylic light shades are very popular since they are used most often by professional pool players. Tiffany glass is another popular choice for pool table lights and come in a huge variety of styles and colors. You can design your own tiffany lights and have them custom made for a more personal look. Yet another good material for lighting shades is shaded glass. Shaded glass comes in almost any color imaginable for a unique look.

The light fixture itself for pool table lights can be made from brass, metal, or wrought iron. Sizes vary anywhere from 60 inch lights to 72 inches depending on the size of your pool table. You want to find the right fit for your table since a light that is too small will create shadows while a light that is too large will be too harsh for you to play under. With so many options open to you, you’ll want to take your time researching the different types of lights available on the market before you make your final decision.