Shooter glasses are perfect for the home bar for when you’re entertaining and have a few guests over. Most shooter glasses come in the two ounce size since that is the standard size for a shot. Shooter glasses have a weighted bottom that makes them sturdy to pour into as they sit on the bar. There are many shooter recipes that require the layering of two or more liquors in order to create a unique looking and tasting drink.

You can buy shooter glasses either individually or in sets of six, eight, or twelve. Many shooter glasses have logos on the side such as labels of popular brands of alcohol, personal initials and pictures, or other imprinted designs. You’ll find shooter glasses at many weddings featuring the names of the bride and the groom so that they glass can be taken home by guests as a memory of the special day.

Shooter racks are a good way to hold the glasses while you pour the drinks and then serve them to your guests. This is an easy way to carry the glasses from the bar to the table without having to juggle them in two hands.

Shooter glasses are ideal for the home personal bar since you can create a party atmosphere just by serving something a bit different. Shot glasses make a nice gift for anyone you know who enjoys shooter drinks. Make sure to include a drink book that has recipes of different shots that they can make.

You can find shooter glasses in any store that sells kitchen ware and glass ware. For an even more varied selection of glasses check out the many online merchants from around the world. You’ll be able to find cut crystal from Bavaria as well as blown glass from Romania. With so many different types of shooter glasses to choose from you’ll soon have a great collection for you personal bar.